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We offer galvanic surface treatment services for you. Our expertise includes both electropolishing and electroplating of metal parts, especially in the medical field.

Our team at MK medical works closely with customers to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions. We use our expertise and modern galvanic equipment to treat metal parts to the highest quality standards. Our electroplated surface treatment helps to improve corrosion resistance, achieve decorative effects and adjust electrical conductivity to meet the requirements of medical technology.

At MK medical, customers can rest assured that their metal parts are in experienced hands. We attach great importance to precision, quality and customer satisfaction. Our electroplating surface treatment services are designed to deliver world-class results and meet the needs of our customers in the medical device industry.



Kirschner drill wires in comparison - left electropolished, right uncoated
Left Coated - Right Uncoated


We mainly coat these materials:

Sechs Kirschner Bohrdrähte deren Spitzen ins Bild ragen

Additional information

Electropolishing is a process in which we treat metal parts in an electrolyte using direct current. Through this electrochemical process, we remove material from the surface to create a smooth, clean and corrosion resistant surface.

Our goal here is to reduce roughness, eliminate irregularities and improve the passivation properties of the metal. In addition, electropolishing also allows us to create an aesthetically pleasing glossy and uniform surface sheen.

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